Buyer: How can I review my RFP proposals?

1. Actions from the RFP Dashboard  This step includes things like editing or revising RFPS, accessing, downloading, map proposals, and messaging vendors.

2. Reviewing Individual Vendor Proposals  From your RFP Dashboard, click on the desired RFP name to pull up a list of vendors included on the RFP along with individual actions that can be taken. 

Next, click 'View Proposal' next to the desired vendor proposal.

3. Actions and Reviewing from the Compile Page You can see all vendor proposal data from the Compile grid.

4. View images submitted by the Vendor

5. Downloading and Fill From Spreadsheet You can download and review the spreadsheet using another spreadsheet software and then use FFS to re-upload your changes into the RFP.

6. Review Proposals using Mapping A map displaying the proposed units marked 'In' will open and contain many tools for reviewing the proposed inventory.

7. Downloading & pulling a PowerPoint to show off your hard work to your clients