Buyer: How can I download vendor proposals?

To download vendor proposals that you have received, first navigate to your RFPs by clicking on RFPs under the RFP menu.

To download all vendor proposals, click Download under the Actions column.   To download an individual vendor's proposal, click on the RFP Name and then Download from the list of included vendors. Note proposals can also be downloaded from the proposal grid page. The button can be found above the grid.

Clicking 'Download' will open a box (shown below) giving the option to download all files, all of the proposals/proposed units, only the proposals/proposed units marked 'In', attachments only, or production specification files. You have the ability to reorder the headers in the download as well as break any header out into its own tab. To change the order of the column headers, simply click on the header name and drag it to the desired location.  

Once you have made your selections, click 'Download' to start the process in your Task Manager (bell icon in the top right). Once it is completed, the task will turn green.  Click View to download the files to your computer. 

  • All other files (.pdf, .jpeg, .xls, .xlsx, etc.) that were attached by the vendor will also be located in this zip file.
  • Any data validation errors that are highlighted in the grid will also be highlighted in all Excel sheets.
  • You can use the Download function an unlimited number of times to capture RFP modifications, negotiations, and all changes to proposals made by you and your vendor partners.  Each time you download vendor proposals, all files will be zipped, re-named, and downloaded.