Buyer: How do I 'Fill From Spreadsheet' on the RFP Compile pages?

Buyers have the ability to import proposal data from a spreadsheet into the compile-all grid or an individual vendor's proposal grid.  This is helpful if you prefer downloading the proposals you receive from the RFP, making tweaks in another spreadsheet tool like Excel, and then uploading your updated spreadsheet back into the grid to prepare for contracting.

To do so, you can navigate to your RFP Dashboard (Click RFPs under the RFP menu) and either click on Compile under the Actions column to access the grid with all vendor proposals or on the RFP Name to pull up an individual vendor's proposal grid.

Once you have navigated to the desired compile page, first make sure that the RFP is buyer-editable, as the 'Fill From Spreadsheet' button is only enabled when the current status is buyer-editable.  To lock or unlock the RFP, use the lock icon located next to the RFP Name. To upload data into the grid from a spreadsheet, click the 'Fill From Spreadsheet' button.

*Note - If you need the template in order to input the data, click Download to download the proposal grid as a spreadsheet that can be updated and re-uploaded.

Decide how to incorporate your data:

  • Append: You can designate whether you would like to append this data after the data already contained in the grid (add as additional line items) by selecting 'Append to Current Proposal Data'.
  • Replace: If you would like the system to replace the current data in the grid (note that 'Replace' may clear images tied to the existing rows in the grid), Select 'Replace Current Proposal Data'.
  • Merge: You can merge by selecting 'Merge with Current Proposal Data', which allows those who include the offer ID (our internal reference number for the proposal row) in spreadsheets to merge their changes back into DOmedia without causing a full replacement. Merge will NOT alter Market, Vendor, Format, Vendor Inventory #, Geopath ID, Location Description, Latitude, or Longitude.
After selecting which option, you can choose a .XLS or .XLSX spreadsheet you would like to upload from your computer.

Once uploaded, please be sure to Save!

You will also want to adjust any cells in red so that the proposal data can be used to map and contract inventory correctly.  For specifics about what is causing the validation error, see the related section found below the grid further down the page.

You may need to click on a cell with a validation error (shaded red) and begin typing to see the drop-down menu options for correcting that cell manually or enter the data in a certain format to be considered valid. 

Changes to an entire column can be made by copying the correct cell, highlighting the column, and then pasting in the data (same process as in Excel). 

Once you have the grid filled with proposal data the way you'd like, be sure to Save!