Buyer: How do I download a PowerPoint for my client?

For any RFP that includes vendor proposals, you can download a PowerPoint presentation containing elements such as Market Maps, Inventory, Photosheets, Pricing, and Not Recommended sections. These PowerPoint presentations are a great way to showcase your recommendations to your clients.

Downloading your PowerPoint:

Begin by navigating to your RFP Dashboard by clicking on "RFP" then "RFPs" on the left-hand side menu.

From your RFP Dashboard, click "Download" next to the RFP you wish to download.

Alternatively, you can download from your compile page by selecting "Download" at the top of your RFP grid.

Next, select "PowerPoint" at the top of the pop-up box.

General Options

Detailed Cover Slide: By selecting "Detailed Cover Slide", you can enter a Proposal Title, Client, and Presenter. If this option is not selected, the RFP name will be displayed in all caps. Note: The client's name will only be displayed on data-centric photosheets.

Detailed Market Divider Slide: Choose whether to include a detailed market divider slide.

If Seller Image is not available use Street View: If Seller Image is Not Available, Use Street View: In the absence of a seller image, Street View images will be used on photosheets

Margin on All Slides: If you select 'Margin on All Slides', slides will have the designated page margin (in pixels) on the top, left, and right of the slide. 

Margin on All Slides (Not Selected): If you don't select 'Margin on All Slides', slides will have the dark, gray, edge-to-edge bar on each slide.

Include Saved Backgrounds (Selected): If you select this section, the cover picture only shows on the cover slide and the background picture shows on all non-cover slides. The logo picture is shown on the Market Divider Slide.

Include Saved Backgrounds (Not Selected): If you don't select this section, there will be no background image on slides.

Section Options

Market Maps:  A map displaying pinned inventory for each market included in the RFP. If you select this, it will include market map slides with a checkbox option for including a hyperlink to an anonymous map.

Inventory: A grid of proposal details relating to the inventory. 

Photosheets: A slide that contains an image, location on a map, and additional inventory information for each piece of inventory. If you select this, it will give you up to 4 different photo sheet layouts to choose from. Those layouts are each behind a permission.

1) Data-Centric Photosheet Layout

2) Image Centric Photosheet Layout

3) Single Pane Photosheet Layout

4) Triple Pane Photosheet Layout

5) Single Pane with a map on an individual pin Photosheet

Pricing:  A slide displaying Total Media Cost and Total RFP Cost. If you select this, it will include the pricing slide.

When making selections for your download. You will see the individual slides under the Slide Options section. Some slides may be automatically selected depending on the settings of that client. This checkbox feature will only be visible when the client is NOT configured to use company defaults.

To save any selections for future use, simply click “Save Selections to RFP Name” before downloading. This action saves your choices on the client system, affecting all users authorized on that client. Make all your other selections and click "Download" to finish.

Note: If you do not see this option available, please reach out to us to have it added!

- Not Recommended: If you select this, it will give you up to 4 different photosheet layouts to choose from. The same photosheet layout will be used for Photosheets and 'Not Recommended'. A 'Not Recommended' divider slide will proceed with the 'Not Recommended 'Photosheets by market. 'Not Recommended' are the units marked Out in the RFP.

Display Options 

  • Page Margin: This option is available only if 'Margins on All Slides' is selected. It allows you to set the margin size around the content on each slide
  • Font Family: This setting enables users to change the font of the PowerPoint text
  • Font Size: Adjust the font size of non-header text with this option
  • Font Color: This option lets users alter the font color throughout the PowerPoint

If you select everything you want to include in the PowerPoint, click 'Download'

If you want to know more about PowerPoint Settings for clients/companies, please refer to this link.

To learn more about creating/applying individual slides, please refer to this link.