How to Update Another User's Contact Information

With the correct permissions, users will be able to update each other's contact information, as needed.

To update another user's contact information:

1. Click the menu bar on the left and drop down to 'Account' and then click 'Company users'.

2. Click 'Edit' in line with the user you wish to update. For basic information about how to manage users, please click this link.

You may also:

-Edit Permissions: Update a user's permission modules by clicking 'Edit Permissions'

-Toggle Receive All Notices: Determine whether a user will receive all notices from agencies utilizing DOmedia's buying tools.

-Disable user: This will remove the user's ability to log in to DOmedia and access any of DOmedia's tools.

Note: The user's account will not be deleted, and can be re-enabled at any time from the disabled users dashboard.