How Does Receives All Notices Work?

DOmedia allows vendors to determine who, at their company, should receive an email notification for all RFPs sent to the company and have all RFPs placed into their RFP Dashboard.

To do so, drop down 'Account' and click 'Company Users.'

Within the Company Users list, click 'Toggle Receives All Notices' in line with the appropriate user(s).

When the 'Receives All Notices' column in the user dashboard is set to 'Yes', that user will receive all RFP email notifications, and all RFPs, moving forward, will be placed in the user's RFP dashboard. When 'Receives All Notices' is set to 'No', the user will only receive RFPs on which they were selected as a recipient.

Important Notes:

This setting only affects all RFPs after 'Toggle Receives All Notices' is clicked. This function will not add past RFPs to the user's dashboard. If 'Toggle Receives All Notices' is turned off for a user, that user will not lose access to any past RFPs in their RFP dashboard.

Agencies have the ability to override this functionality when selecting RFP recipients. If an RFP that is overridden by an agency is sent, the RFP may be shared with any user on the account.