Seller: How to create a Proposal Slide

What is a slide? A slide provides supplemental information on the media you are proposing. It could be a slide from a PowerPoint, a One Sheet, marketing collateral, etc. Why is a slide important? A slide is important as it's one way to highlight your company to the buyers.  By providing additional information, it becomes eye catching when a buyer is looking over your proposal. How do I create a slide? Hover over 'Propose' in the white navigation bar at the top of the screen and click on 'Slides' in the drop-down menu. From your Slide Management Dashboard, select 'Create'.

A new page titled Create Proposal Slide will open. Give your new slide a name, enter it in the field provided.  Each slide requires a description, you can add the description to the text box that is provided. With selectability, you'll have the following options: Required- cannot be unselected - meaning the slides will be on every proposal/contract and they cannot be removed until another option is selected. Optional- selected by default - means that the slides will be added automatically and can be removed by you or a member of your team Optional- not selected by default - means that the slides will not be added by default but can be selected at any time by you or a member of your team.

Here is a link how you can add your slide to a Slide Folder Here is a link how to add the proposal slide you just created to the proposal. Seller: How to add a proposal slide to the proposal