Seller: How to create and add Slides to a Slide Folder

What is a Slide Folder? A slide folder is a way for the user to organize their slides.  The folder is able to store slides for the user to add to the proposal for the buyers to view. How do I create a Slide Folder? Begin by selecting Propose then Slides on the left-hand side menu. 

From your Slide Management Dashboard, you can type in what you would like your Slide Folder to be called and then hit Create Slide Folder.

How do I add the slide to the Slide Folder? On your Slides management page, you can click Create to create a new proposal slide or click Edit under the Actions column of an existing slide. 

Under Slide Folder hit the drop-down menu and assign your slide to the correct folder.

You have successfully added your slide to a slide folder. Here is a link for a tip on how to use your slide folder and add it to a proposal.