Buyer: How to Revise a Contract

How do I revise a contract in DOmedia?

Begin by clicking "Buy" then "Contracts" on the left-hand side. 

This will take you to your contract dashboard. Find the contract you would like to revise and hit "Revise" under the action column.

Tip: Sellers cannot approve contracts that have been revised but not re-issued. Once you make the revisions to the contract make sure to issue the contract again.

The first column in the Inventory Information of the contract tells your billing system whether it is a new row (A), an existing row to be updated (C), or a row to be deleted from the billing estimate or group (D).

Deleting Rows:

DO NOT delete the row from the contract by removing the row.

DO delete rows by changing the first column to 'D'. You may also need to zero out any costs in that row and add cancelation comments (if applicable).

Updating Existing Rows:

DO NOT replace inventory on a contract by typing over an existing row.

DO replace a row by adding 'D' on the unnecessary row and adding a new row with 'A' of the replacement. If you are updating the information you change the first column to C

Do not change the estimated number on the existing line when uploading to SBMS. See the linked article below Tip: Right-click to insert a blank row.

Approve/Issue Revisions

Once you have completed your changes, click 'Save and Review' then proceed through the steps to have the contract Approved and then issue revisions.

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