Buyer: How to Cancel a Contract

Begin by Navigating to "Buy" and then "Contracts" on the left-hand side menu. 

On your Contract Dashboard, the default view is "All Contracts". Find the contract you want to cancel and on the right-hand side select the three dots. Click "Cancel".

After clicking cancel, you'll be asked if you'd like to continue to cancel the contract. A page to make final edits will come up next after you click "Yes, Cancel Contract". The first column in the inventory information will automatically change to 'D'. If applicable, you may have a "Cancellation Comments" field in your grid. You can fill in the comments and then hit Save and review.

Depending on your billing system, you may have to zero out your net media cost column. If applicable, the cancelation will need to be approved or rejected by a manager.  Once the Manager approves the cancelation the green bar shows that the contract was successfully canceled and an email notification is sent to the media seller.

On your "Contract Dashboard," you'll now see the status for the contract change to show "Canceled".

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