Buyer: Fixing wrong estimate # in SBMS

If you found that you have the wrong estimate number is SBMS, use the steps below to correct this in SBMS and the corresponding DOmedia contract:

1. Ensure the new/correct Estimate number has been created in SBMS.

2. Approve the line with the wrong estimate # in SBMS.

3. Cancel the line with the wrong estimate # in DOmedia by changing the letter in the first column for that line from C to D. Note: If your company policy does not allow for deleting lines, change the costs to zero for lines with the incorrect estimate number.

4. Add a new line on the contract (or a new contract) with the same insertion data, and new estimate number. Make sure the new line item has A in the first column:


5. Click "Save" on the bottom of the page to save changes.

6. After changes have been saved, click "Upload to Strata" on the top right to push changes to SBMS: