How to Link Your Apparatix Account to DOmedia

You can now link your DOmedia and Apparatix accounts, which will let you respond to buyers both faster and easier through DOmedia by providing inventory data instantly! 


***Apparatix is a third-party availability software. We have created an API so vendors who have accepted our terms of service can use the Apparatix systems to automatically update their DOmedia availability to reflect what is shown in Apparatix.***  

Log in to your Apparatix account, click on "Marketplace," then "Disabled" next to the DOmedia logo. On the next screen, click the button that says "Disabled" to toggle it to "Enabled." 

***Assets must exist within DOmedia to pull availability information from Apparatix, if you want to add new assets into DOmedia reference this support article or reach out to for more options***

How you can autofill proposals in DOmedia using the “Fill from Autorespond” button

You can fill a proposal with data directly from Apparatix by clicking "Fill from Autorespond."

How buyers can submit draft contracts for you to review, accept, request changes, or reject.

Agencies and advertisers using DOmedia buying tools to purchase available media matching your assets in Apparatix will be able to issue a new contract for you to review and accept in your DOmedia contract dashboard. The price buyers see is based on the rate you set in Apparatix.

Note: Submitting data via Apparatix does not represent any commitment to accept a contract. You can still choose to reject contracts or request revisions. Permission to use this available data makes it easier and faster for the system to present your media to other potential buyers.