Buyer: How to create a multiple proposal-based contract

If you've sent an RFP and received proposals from multiple vendors that you'd like to move forward with. Multiple Proposal-based options will pull in all of the data from each proposal and create separate draft contracts for each vendor.

Not sure how to get here? Read: How to Create a Contract First.

Multiple Proposal-based:

To begin, click on "Buy" then "Contracts" on the left-hand side menu.

Select the RFP, and then choose which proposals/vendors from the RFP you'd like to have contracts created. For every different proposal/vendor that is selected, there will be many contracts created.

You'll receive a success message letting you know that the contracts have been created. Although both contracts originated from the same RFP, each one is specific to each company. Scroll down to select either contract that's been created.

On your dashboard, you can use the actions column to View or Edit your desired contract. More options can be taken by clicking the three dots such as Mapping, Deleting, Exporting, and Duplicating.

Clicking "View" will take you to a page where you can see the details of your contract.

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