Buyer: How do I navigate within the Contract Dashboard?

To navigate to your Contract Dashboard click "Buy" then "Contracts" on the left-hand side menu. 

What information is provided in the dashboard?

#: Locate contracts easier by noting the # associated with it, so that you can easily sort the # column or search for the contract # from the Contract Dashboard later.

Contract Name: Locate contracts more easily by sorting the Contract Name column or searching for the Contract Name.

Seller: View the name of the vendor who is being contracted.

Campaign: View the name of the campaign that the contract is included under.

Client: See which client is associated with the contract.

Brand: View the name of the brand that this contract relates to.

Market: See what market location the inventory on the contract is located in.

Status: View the current status of the contract.

Last Modified: See when the contract was last modified.

View - There are many views that you can use to quickly filter the contracts in your Contract Dashboard.  Each view represents a different stage of a contract's life cycle. These views are based on the various statuses that a contract can be in. This tool is helpful in filtering the list of contracts to a more manageable size. 

All: Displays all contracts.

Draft: This view displays recently created contracts that have not been submitted or issued yet.

Awaiting Manager Approval: When a user does not have permission to approve or issue contracts, once they submit the contract, a status of the same name is applied to the contract, and the contract is placed in this view until a manager approves it.

Awaiting Seller Approval: Contracts that have been issued by the buyer but not yet viewed by the seller.

Revisions Requested: When a seller clicks on the 'Request Revisions' button at the top of a contract after viewing it, the contract's status becomes 'Revisions Requested', and it is added to this view.

Revised, not Sent: Contracts where changes have been made to the contract, but those changes have yet to be submitted via the 'Submit Revisions' button on the contract.

Revisions Awaiting Approval: When a buyer submits the revisions, a status of the same name is applied to the contract, and it is placed in this view until a user with the permissions approves the changes.

Revised: Contracts the buyer has issued revisions. The seller can now view the modified contract.

In Contract: Contracts that currently have inventory within their cycle time period.

Completed: Any contract that contains inventory where the cycle time periods are in the past.

Create Contract - Create a new contract straight from the dashboard by clicking this button. 

Search - Search within your contracts to locate the contract you need.



When viewing the list of contracts from your Contract Dashboard, the last column of the table is 'Action'. There are several actions you can take on a contract from the dashboard. A short description of each available action is listed below. Please keep in mind that all of these actions are subject to the set of permissions you have.

  • View - This action allows you to view the details of the contract.
  • Edit - This action is available for contracts with the status 'Draft' and allows you to make changes to a contract that has not yet been submitted or issued. 
  • Revise - This action is available for contracts that have been submitted or issued and allows you to make any necessary edits.
  • Duplicate - This action is used to duplicate the latest saved version of the contract.  Duplicating a contract will allow you to build a new contract with the same exact information that has already been entered into an existing contract.  You can then edit any information that needs changing. 
  • Delete - A contract can be deleted when it is still in the 'Draft' state.  This action is typically used when the buyer no longer needs a contract that they created.
  • Cancel - A contract that has been submitted or issued is generally canceled when the buyer no longer has the need for the assets once being contracted, often due to a change on the client's side.  When a contract is canceled, an email notification is sent to the seller.
  • Approve - This action is available if the contract or contract with revisions has been submitted, but not yet approved.
  • Issue - This action is available if the contract or contract with revisions has been approved, but not yet issued.
  • Map - View the inventory included in the contract on a map.

Note: Contracts highlighted in red indicate that an action is required before the contract can move to the next stage.

The history related to a contract can be viewed by clicking on the # for the desired contract. A box (shown below) will pop up displaying the historical events for that contract.