Buyer: How to create a proposal-based contract

Creating a Proposal-Based Contract can be done if you have received a proposal via DOmedia. This will also help avoid reentering data that is already stored in the system.

Start by selecting "Buy" and then "Create Contact" on the left-hand side menu.

Select Proposal-based as the contract type. Then Select the RFP and Proposal for which you'd like to create a contract and click "Next".

The next page will auto-populate based on the selections you made. Some fields may be empty and need to be added.

Contract Name: Create a unique name for your Contract. This is for your search purposes only, it will not be displayed to the sellers.

Campaign: This can be anything, but you want it to be specific. EX. DOmedia Spring 2020. The Campaign will need to be associated with the Client.

Client: Choose the related Client for the contract. For more information on how to create and manage your clients please click here.

Brand: If applicable, select the brand associated with the client.

RFP: If applicable, select the RFP associated with this contract.

Agency Code: This is a code that the buyer will provide.

Vendor Code: This is a code that is associated with the Vendor.

*Red asterisks indicate required fields.

Media Agency & Seller Information

If any of the media agency information is incorrect, those contact or company details will need to be updated by hovering over the Company profile menu and clicking on the appropriate option.

As for the Media Seller Information, if the Media Seller Address is not the address that you were given, feel free to add or select a different Mailing Address on the right. These addresses can be managed by navigating to Selling Company Address Management from the My Account page.

Tip: When selecting Contract Recipients and PI Recipients, if the sales representative you are working with is not listed, please email us to get them added for that vendor!

Contract Terms

Select the terms and conditions that you would like to include in the contract. Clicking on details will open a pop-up box with those specific terms. In addition to the standard term(s) that you select, additional contract terms or supplemental provisions can be entered into the text box to be included in the contract.

Attachments & Inventory Information

The Inventory Information section displays details related to the contract's inventory on a line-item basis. The data within this grid will auto-populate from the proposal (except for the Estimate # and Product/Brand columns).

Once you have confirmed that the data is correct, you can click Save and Review to save the contract and be taken to the View Contract page, or you can click Save to simply save the contract and continue editing.

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