Seller: How do I use Nudge?

This feature allows you to respond to anonymous RFPs in which you have matching inventory, but were not originally included on.  This article covers how to use Nudge effectively and efficiently within DOmedia so that you don’t miss out on any RFPs going forward, including information such as: how Nudge works, how to reply to a Nudge RFP, and how to contract through Nudge.

If an agency sends out an RFP that you’re not selected on but your inventory matches the RFP criteria, you will have the opportunity to reply. 

RFPs will automatically be added to your Nudge dashboard in DOmedia. Unlike a traditional RFP, you will not receive an email notification, so make sure you are checking the Nudge dashboard frequently. 

To access the Nudge dashboard, click “Propose,” then “Nudge.”  

The Nudge dashboard works the same as the standard RFP dashboard, but with redacted information. You will not be able to see the Agency, Campaign, or Client information in the Nudge dashboard.

To reply to a Nudge, click on “View” under the action column. This will bring you to the Proposal Seller Agreement Page. 

*Please note: if this RFP results in a media buy, there will be a Service Fee on the media contracted. These options will be provided to the buyer via the DOmedia Marketplace. For ease of payment and management, options contracted from these proposals will result in a single contract with DOmedia Marketplace. The price paid by the client will include a 10.0% marketplace fee.

After you agree to the TSF, you will be brought to the Project brief page, showing redacted information. You will proceed as normal from here to respond to the RFP. For a detailed guide on responding to RFPs, please reference this support article

You will receive an email notification once the agency views your submission; if the agency selects your submission, you will receive an additional email notification letting you know that it was added, or more of your proposed inventory is under consideration. 

Viewed Assets

Considering Assets

If contracted through the Nudge process, you will receive a contract from DOmedia Marketplace. For more information on how to view/accept contracts within DOmedia, please reference this support article.