Seller: How do I pull the beauty shot for my custom package unit into my RFP proposal?

This article outlines the key steps of proposing to a RFP with custom package units in order to make sample beauty shots available to agencies for inventory like transit, etc.  For these you will want to make sure you are coming up with a naming convention for the Inventory # / Keyword that your team can use and remember when they use Fill From Historical to call these into future RFP proposals. Steps to propose to this type of RFP - 1. View the RFP and accept the terms of service (note you will not be charged any fee for RFPs used to get beauty shots added for an agency).  Scroll to the bottom of the first page and click Next.

2. Add a row for each grouping of units (ex. Times Square Digital Transit Shelters).  Enter the Market and select the Format. Use the Inventory # field to create a keyword (ex. TS-DigShelters) that can later be used in Fill From Historical to pull in the details and beauty shot tied to that Inventory # / keyword. Make sure the Location Description identifies what the row represents.  Enter a Street Address that makes the most sense to represent the units. Fill out any other information you want included when this is proposed in the future. 3. Make sure you save by clicking Save For Later!

4. Click Add Inventory and select your units, select to make them visible, and confirm the Format before clicking Add Inventory.

5. Click Update Images and upload your sample glamour image(s) for each row. Be sure to select to save the photo as the main image for that Inventory # / keyword. Once you have your images chosen, click Update Images. Note the agency will likely not want to see sample photos for a client other than theirs so keep that in mind when choosing your sample photos.

6. If you have a sample prod spec that you are comfortable tying to this, click Update Prod Specs. Click to toggle to the 'All' view. Choose your prod spec files. Be sure to select to save the prod spec to that Inventory # / keyword before clicking Update Production Specifications.

7. Click Save & Send from the bottom of step 2 when you are ready to get that data saved in the system to be used in proposals for future RFPs.

Now that you have your custom package units proposed with beauty shots, they are saved in the system and ready to use by your teams when proposing these types of inventory in order to make those photos available to the agencies. To do so, click Fill From Historical above the grid for a future RFP you receive. Enter the Inventory # / Keyword according to your naming convention. Click Autofill and notice the system brings in details along with the image. Complete your proposal and send to the agency! For a more comprehensive understanding of Request for Proposals (RFPs), we recommend referring to the following articles, which provide detailed information on this topic - Seller: How do I respond to an RFP? Seller: How do I use the Fill From Historical Data button?