Buyer: How do I use the Targeted Location feature?

Easily track a location included on a Target Location List from RFP to contract.


How does it work?

When creating a new RFP, the Target Location List(s) will need to be selected on step 1 and the Targeted Location column included in the template on step 2. 

For help creating a Target Location List, see this related support article. To select the Target Location List(s) on step 1, create a new project brief, complete the required fields at a minimum, and then select the desired Target Location List(s) before moving on to step 2.

How to add the Targeted Location column to a template:

The Targeted Location column is available to select when creating or updating templates in RFP Template Management - Related RFP Template Management support article

AND from step 2 when building the template for a new RFP - ​Related Building Template from Step 2 support article

AND click 'Next' and complete step 3 to finish creating RFP. Once the RFP is issued and vendors respond with their proposed units, the Targeted Location field will populate with the closest location from the associated Target Location List.  This can be manually changed via the drop-down as needed.  To check this, click 'Compile' on the RFP list.  

When contracts are created off of an RFP with the Targeted Location column, Targeted Location will also be carried over into the contract for that inventory.