How do I Create and Use Heatmaps

Heatmaps in DOmedia maps are a tool to help you visualize and select the best units for reaching your desired target audience. These heatmaps are generated using a variety of audience source data. The audience sources you have access to are controlled by permissions.  You will see this option on RFP Maps, Maps from Search, and Maps in Map Management. 

Here's an example from Map Management: Begin by clicking "Map" and then "Maps" on the left-hand side menu.

Find the specific map you want to work with and click "Map".

Here, you will open the "Display" tab on the right-hand side and expand the "Heatmap" option. Check the "Impressions" option and then use the search box to quickly find and select the desired demographic from the available options. Once you've selected your demographic, the map will generate Heatmaps around units showing the intensity of how well the units reach your target audience.


  • The gradient of the color from highest to lowest is Red, Dark Red, Purple/Red, Purple, Dark Blue, Blue, Light Blue to Aqua.
  • If you see a dot with no shading, there are two possible reasons
    • 1. There is no audience data available to shade.
    • 2. The audience score is extremely low on a relative scale. 
  • If you have audience data that you would like to visualize, let us know. 

To learn more about Maps and different display features, check out this support article HERE