Geopath v2.2 Update

Update to Geopath v2.2 FAQ

What functionality is currently referencing Geopath v2.2?

NEW RFPs, Market Level, and Site Specific Plans are all pulling from Geopath v2.2 as of 3/27/23.  

Why does my new RFP still show Geopath v2?

If you duplicated an old RFP which referenced v2, then the newly duplicated RFP will also reference v2. For an RFP to reference Geopath v2.2, you will want to recreate your RFP or use the Geopath Site Specific planning tool to pull in 2023 measures for those specific Geopath IDs in the RFP.

How can I tell what version my RFP is using?

Any RFPs displaying "Geopath v2" are using the previous version and "Geopath v2.2" are the new 2023 measures.  

1. On Create RFP Step 1 in the Demographics section:


2. On the RFP compile page, the Update Geopath button:


3. On RFP, lock/unlock button pop-up:


What is a MediaGroupType error?

On Market Level Plans, Geopath restricts the number of vendor/format combinations that can be requested at once to 20.

i.e. if you select 4 vendors and 5 formats that is a combination of 20 vendor/format combinations. An error message will appear on the create page if you try to proceed. This error message comes directly from Geopath.