How Do I Save Search Results in a Map as a Target Location List?

Saving search results in a map as a target location list is easy in DOmedia!

First, you will want to run a search within the map using the search bar (powered by Google) located in the top left corner of the map.  To do so, click into the search box, type in what you want to search, and then click on the Search icon.

Once you have completed your search, you can expand out the Locations panel at the bottom and click on the Search Results tab to view the details related to those locations.

Select the locations you'd like to save using the checkboxes shown next to each, enter a name for your list in the List Name box, and then click 'Save as Location List'.

Once saved, you can find your list by clicking Target Locations under the Map menu.  From there you can view the location lists you created as well as ones created by your team, map them, and edit them as needed.

Note you can also create a new target location list and input the location information by clicking Create New List Manually.

You can also set a client or associate an icon with the Target Location List by clicking 'Edit' next to your Target Location List and selecting the appropriate client or icon. 

*Note Icons can be created by clicking Icons under the Map menu.  Associating an icon with the Target Location List will allow it to appear as the map pin for all of the locations contained within the location list.

Example of a custom icon appearing within the map pin -