How to Update my Contact Information

Within DOmedia, your contact information is very important and serves several functions. It serves as your login credentials as well as providing your information to the buyers using the platform on a daily basis.

To update your contact information, open the menu bar on the left, click on the 'Account' menu, and then click 'Contact Information.'

You will want to complete as much of your profile as possible - very important fields to make sure you have populated are First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Digital Signature, and Preferred Time Zone at a minimum.

You can also change your Password from here.

Note: Your email address serves as your username when logging in to . If you change your email, please save, log out and log back in to start a new session with your new credentials.

Field Clarifications:

Rep Code - This information will populate on your invoice exports if your company requires this information for financial purposes. Note: Rep Code is only available on the vendor side of the DOmedia platform.

Employee Type - Choose between Account Manager, Coordinator or Other. Account Managers and Coordinators can be assigned to proposals and contracts once assigned to their appropriate employee type. Note: Employee Type is only available on the vendor side of the DOmedia platform.

Digital Signature can also be uploaded to DOmedia which will automatically be applied to your contracts. Click browse and choose the file that you want to add as a digital signature.  The digital signature uploader will accept all common image files - png, jpeg, jpg, gif.  Your signature will also be retroactively applied to any contracts that were issued/approved prior to you uploading your digital signature.

DOmedia also includes Internationalization Settings where users can set their Country and Language.

You can also set your Preferred Time Zone.

The ability to set up and manage Plants in your account is possible.  If you are interested reach out to us and we can enable this on your account. Note: Plants is only available on the vendor side of the DOmedia platform.

Once all of your contact information has been updated, click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the page to ensure all of your changes have been updated in the site.