What actions can I take in the grids in DOmedia?


DOmedia has included the ability for buyers and sellers to enter and edit their proposal and contract information in real time via a grid (similar to Excel).

What functions are available?

The great thing about the grid is that you have many of the same capabilities as you do when using Excel.  You can also copy and paste from and to an Excel spreadsheet. See below for a list of keyboard shortcuts and other functionality that you can use:      

  • Move right (tab) 
  • Move up/down/left/right (arrows)
  • Copy (control + c)
  • Paste (control + v)
  • Cut (control + x)
  • Select all (control + a)
  • Undo (control + z)
  • Find (control + f)
  • Right-click to Copy, Paste, Insert row above, Insert row below, Remove row, Undo, and Redo
  • Select multiple cells at once
  • Drag to fill in cells using the crosshairs (put your cursor in the bottom right corner of the cell)
  • Sort by clicking on a column header - once for ascending, twice for descending
  • Live editing (see data in real-time)



The grid also features autocomplete in the below cells.  As you begin to type, DOmedia offers suggestions to help save time and create standards for the industry. Vendor Format Market Cycle Type

Buyer: What does 'In/Out' mean?

The 'In/Out' column header allows you to review proposals while preserving the original details from a seller.

What you mark as 'In', is what your recommendation/plan is for the campaign. The outs are the proposals that you have weeded out and will not be included in your reports or contracts. It is better to mark them as 'Out' rather than delete them entirely from the compile grid, so that they are still there in case the client's needs change or other inventory becomes unavailable, and you now want to include it in a recommendation/plan.

You can also click the box next to the 'In/Out' column header to mark all of the proposals in the compile grid as 'In' or as 'Out'.

Sellers are NOT able to see what you have marked as 'In' or 'Out', and therefore, buyers are the only users that can see the 'In/Out' column and make changes to proposals marked 'In' or 'Out'.   

What functions are NOT available?

The following features are NOT available functions in the compile grid:

  • Formulas (i.e. SUM, COUNT)