Why can't I see that new feature or change? Why aren't my changes being saved?

Our web browser caches images and many other page elements to make the page load faster. 

Many times, when a change is made to our website, the change may not appear when you refresh the page.  This is because the web browser is showing you an old, cached version of the web page.

This can also occur when you make changes in a grid.  After those changes are saved, the website may still display old data in the grid.  To solve this problem, you need to clear your browser's cache and refresh the page.

You should periodically clear the cache to allow your browser to function more efficiently.  For more information about clearing the cache on a variety of browsers (and their different versions), please click here »  

Please see below for instructions on how to clear your cache for common browsers.

Use the following keyboard shortcuts to clear the browser's cache: Google Chrome Windows: Ctrl + Shift + Delete MacOS: shift + command + delete

Microsoft Internet Explorer Windows: Ctrl + Shift + Delete MacOS: command + shift + delete

Mozilla Firefox Windows: Ctrl + Shift + R MacOS: command + shift + R