How to Create a Coverage Report from a Map

This support article will show you how you and your team can create a coverage report from a map with inventory and target locations. This coverage report is a tool that assesses vendor locations, RFPs, and idea folders alongside the target location list.

Note: The coverage report feature is available only for maps (including RFP maps) with associated Target Location Lists. Without a Target Location List, the coverage report cannot be generated. The target locations must have a radius.

Accessing the Coverage Report: After opening a map with media and target locations, you'll see a "locations" tab at the bottom. Click on the blue arrow next to that to see the new display. Then select "Coverage Report".


Coverage Report Details:

After selecting "Coverage Report," an Excel report will be generated, divided into three worksheets.

Vendors Idea Folders Coverage:

  • Lists all assets from vendor idea folders.
  • Highlights the target locations whose radius each asset falls within.

Client Location Coverage:

  • This worksheet lists the target locations
  • It displays the units that cover each target location

Assets Nearby Target Locations:

  • Shows only assets within a target radius.
  • Shows the distance between each asset.