Buyer: How do I see which Vendor Reps are added to RFPs?

Noticing Unexpected Reps on Your RFP?

You might see additional reps included on your RFP due to settings that the vendors have configured on their end. Vendors have the ability to designate or add their representatives to RFPs. Currently, there's no way to prevent this from happening beyond making a specific request to the vendor.

How can I tell which reps were added by the vendor?

On your RFP dashboard, click the 3 dots under the actions sections of your desired RFP then click "View"

Scroll down to the 'Recipients' section at the bottom of the page. Here, you will see a list of everyone included on the RFP. Look for '(Vendor Added)' next to some rep names. This label indicates that they have been set as default recipients by the vendor, similar to how you can set default reps for them.

How Are Reps Added by the Vendor?

  • Primary users are often included to ensure someone from the vendor receives the RFP.
  • Vendor reps can set themselves to receive all RFPs sent to their company.
  • Defaults can be set in the vendor's version of rep management.
  • Vendors can internally share an RFP between their reps.

Note: Once included, vendor reps cannot be removed from the RFP. If you have questions about why someone is included in your RFP, or if you wish to request that certain individuals not be added in the future, please reach out directly to the specific vendor.

To learn more about creating and managing vendor reps, check out This Support Article