Seller: How to Map from a Proposal

Within all proposals, a map is automatically generated based on the locations entered into the grid in Step 2 of the proposal. The map can be seen on the 'View Proposal' page, which can be accessed by Begin by navigating to your proposals by selecting Proposal then Proposals

Next, click view of the proposal of the contract you would like to map. 

The mini-map that is immediately visible will show all assets that can generate a pin on a map (all with a valid latitude/longitude or a valid address). The user will be able to zoom in and out within this map as well as scroll to different map views. The user will not be able to click on map icons or perform other admin functions. To view the map with full functionality and admin functions, click View Larger Map above the mini-map.

Within the larger map, you will be able to perform all mapping admin actions.  Maps can be hidden from the view of the buyer by clicking Hide from Buyer just above the mini-map.