Seller: How to Add/Update Prod. Specs

Overview: In this article you will learn how to update your Production Specs within DOmedia.

How to update prod specs during the proposal process

Go to your RFP Dashboard and click "Propose" on the RFP you wish to work on.

Next, click the orange "Update Prod Specs" button under the proposal grid.

Next, select the checkboxes next to the assets you would like to upload prod spec files for. Click the "all" button to select all of them. Then click the "choose file" button to upload a .PDF file for the selected assets.

When group assigning, make sure to select each individual asset you wish to link a prod spec to.

Tip: The "All" button (next to the "group assignment" button) will display all the inventory that you're proposing for the RFP.  This is a great way to double check to make sure each inventory has a Production Spec. The "Missing" button will only display the inventory that is missing a Production Spec. Next, click "Update Production Specifications"

You'll receive a green success message letting you know your "Production Specs" have been updated.

How to update prod specs within your inventory:

This feature allows you to always have the same Production Spec associated with an asset—which will then appear for all proposals that you create and answer in DOmedia. Go to "Plan" > "Support Files". Click the "Browse" button to select the prod spec sheet from your files that you would like to upload. Then click "upload file."

You will receive a success message once this is complete:

Additionally, if you would like to upload images for your assets, please reference this support article.