Seller: How do I set a default template for my proposals?

If you have a template that you want all of your employees/users to use when they create proposals, you are able to set a default. When a new proposal is created, it is chosen. The user will still have the option to switch to a different template. Begin by navigating to your Templates by clicking Settings then Templates on the left-hand side menu of your DOmedia homepage. 

You will now be able to view all your existing templates. You can click Edit under the Action column of your desired template or click Create to start a new template. 

When creating or updating your template. Click Yes under Default Template

The next time you create a proposal, you'll see that template as the default. Click Propose then Proposals on the left-hand side menu.   

On Step One: General Information, Your default template will be shown under Proposal Template in the drop down.