Pipeline Management

PipelinesĀ areĀ a powerful tool within our platform to help you gain valuable insights from your annual spend data. This feature allows you to analyze and visualize your data in various ways.

Before Pipelines can be created, you will need to set up Measurement Preferred Partners. To learn how to set this up, please refer to This Support Article.

Accessing Pipelines:

You can access this tool by clicking on "Measure" then "Pipelines" On the left-hand side menu.

Creating your Pipeline:

Begin by choosing how you want your data in the "Report By" dropdown. You have the following options:

Campaign Status







You can choose a second category from the "Additional Report By" dropdown to refine your results (Optional).

Next, click the checkboxes next to the System Data Sources to filter. Your options include:

Contracted Media that has run

Contracts with a start date in the future

Draft Contracts

RFPs marked "in" in the future

Next, using the dropdown menu, select the specific year for your results.

Once you've filled in the necessary fields and applied filters, you can choose how to visualize the data using different icons.

Table: Data in rows and columns, similar to a spreadsheet.

Line graph: This displays data points as a series of markers connected by straight lines. It is useful for showing trends or changes in data over time.

Large Tree Map: Displays data as nested rectangles. The color or shading of the rectangles can also provide additional information, making it easy to compare data. You can click on the individual boxes to drill down into the data.

Sankey Diagram: Sankey charts are used to visualize data flow and volume between nodes. The wider lines indicate larger volumes.

Downloading your Pipeline Data:

To download your data into an Excel sheet, click "Export" above the visual then "View"

Your data will download as an Excel sheet as shown.

What Does Campaign Status Mean?

Planned: This is the sum of Contracts and RFPs where the Campaign End Date is greater than today, and the Client is in the "Estimated Campaign Budgets" stage.

Budgeted: This represents the sum of Contracts and RFPs where the Campaign End Date is greater than today, and the Client is in the "Estimated Budget Acquired" stage.

Running: This includes the client's Active RFPs and contracts.

Complete: This category includes campaigns with an End Date less than the Current Date.

Setting the Client Stage:

When creating your client, you can use the drop box to set the client stage as shown below.

Estimated Budget Acquired and Estimated Campaign Budgets can be selected on the client page.

Active RFPs: Client status is set to this when an RFP is issued.

Contracted Media: Client status is set to this when contracts are issued.