Buyer: How do I Add and Approve Production Costs In an RFP

Adding and approving production costs in an RFP:

Once the RFP is complete and sent to you for review, you will receive an email similar to the example provided below. Click on the "RFP Dashboard" link to access your dashboard.

Under the "Shared Active" tab, locate the RFP shown in the email and click on "Compile" under the actions section.

​​​​​​​ In this section, you can add and edit the production cost columns. Please note that only the "Production Cost Review" columns are editable. After making the necessary changes, click on "Approve Production Costs" at the bottom of the grid.

Creating a Printer Contract:

After the Production Staging contract(s) have been issued, you are ready to create your printer contract. For more detailed instructions on creating a Printer Contract, click HERE.