Geopath Media Formats

Please see below for definitions of the various Geopath-audited media types found in OOH advertising.

Backlights/Digital Backlights: This format is no longer officially supported by Geopath.
Banners: Vertical banners hanging on the side of lamp posts.

Benches: Displays affixed to the backrest of public benches.  Frequently found at transit stops and along transit routes.

Bulletins/Digital Bulletins: Also referred to as billboards, bulletins are the largest and among the most impactful standard-sized OOH media formats.  Typically located on major roadways and attract primarily vehicular traffic exposure.

Carts: Mobile food carts (i.e. street hot dog stand).


City Information Panels/Digital City Information Panels: Displays affixed to the back of eye-level pedestrian information panels (i.e. city maps, transit routes, outdoor shopping center directories).

Dedicated Wild Posting:  A collection of displays concentrated in one area for a cumulative exposure effect.  Often takes the form of a series of posters along an exterior wall or one graphic posted in a number of different areas in a small geographic radius.

Kiosks/Digital Kiosks: Free-standing, pedestrian-level information or public-service displays.

Bike Kiosks: Panels (similar to pedestrian panels/transit shelters) located at public bike-sharing pick-up/drop-off racks.

Phone Kiosks/Digital Phone Kiosks:  Displays appearing on the sides of public telephone structures.

Newsstand/Digital Newsstand: Displays attached to newsstands or newsrack structures.  Frequently part of a larger street furniture package.

Newsstand Posters / Digital Newsstand Posters: Displays attached to newsstands that are more comparable to Junior Posters or Posters in size.

Bike Pillars: Public bike-sharing bike returns for individual bikes.  Displays take the form of vinyl wraps on the side of the pillar.

Pedestrian Panels/Metro Lights: Large, backlit showcases typically located near sidewalks, parking lots, crosswalks, and bus shelters used to reach high-density urban areas with frequent foot traffic.  Similar in size to transit shelter displays. 

Urban Panels/Digital Urban Panels: Street-level displays positioned on top of subway entrances.

Posters/Digital Posters: Similar to in format, but smaller in size than bulletins.  They are typically located in commercial and industrial areas along major roadways.  Attract primarily vehicular traffic exposure while capturing more pedestrian exposure than bulletins.

Junior Posters/Digital Junior Posters: Located mainly in urban neighborhoods and on smaller roads.  Junior Posters capture both automobile and pedestrian traffic.  They are position slightly above eye level and are either free-standing or mounted to the sides of buildings.

Receptacle: Trash and/or recycling bins in areas with high pedestrian traffic.  Displays take the form of posters or vinyl wraps on the sides of the receptacle.

Transit Shelters/Digital Transit Shelters: Display panels affixed to the sides of shelters located along transit routes (i.e glass bus shelters), usually along main roadways of metropolitan markets.

Walls: Displays painted onto building surfaces or printed onto vinyl and affixed to exterior walls.

Digital Walls: Digital displays affixed to the exterior walls of a building.

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