Buyer: How do I add multiple vendors to a RFP at one time?

To add multiple vendors to an RFP start by conducting a search. Hover over the 'Search' tab in the white navigation bar at the top of DOmedia's homepage and click 'Search Assets' in the drop-down.

Once you have conducted a search, select the assets you would like to include in an RFP by clicking the checkbox to the left of the asset.

When you have selected all of the assets you would like to include in the RFP, click the 'RFP' button at the top of the grid.

From there, you will walk through the steps of RFP creation. On Step 3: Recipient List, you have the option to enter in the email addresses for each Media Seller separated by a comma. Once you have entered in all of the email addresses, click 'Add Email Addresses'. Now you can issue your RFP.

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