Buyer: What is and how do I create a Buyer Only RFP?

A Buyer Only RFP is a normal RFP in all respects except it does not get shared with vendors.  This allows buyers to use the RFP as the framework to add their plan for mapping, reporting, and contracting purposes without the vendors knowing they are included on the RFP (meaning the vendors do not receive an email notification, and the RFP does not show in their RFP Dashboard).

To set a RFP as a Buyer Only RFP, you can simply select Yes for the Buyer Only RFP toggle when creating a project brief.

You will then do everything else the same as you would when creating a normal RFP (selecting vendors, issuing the RFP).   

When you are ready to input proposals into the system, you can navigate to your RFP Dashboard and click on the RFP Name.  This will pop up a list of the vendors included on the RFP along with actions that you can take.  Click Compile to navigate to the grid where you can input their proposal!  

For more information on filling out the grid, click here.

Once you do so, you are then ready for mapping, reporting, and contracting as needed!


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