DOmedia Buyer Release Notes 8/31/16

Overview of Changes:
3) Mapping - Ability to hide Google Street View image from info pop-up box for location lists

A column called Total Media Cost has been added to the Billing Report.  The calculation for Total Media Cost is the sum of the Net Media Cost, TSF, and Additional Cost.

Under the Display tab, a new setting exists, called Marker Color.  This allows users to breakout map pin colors by Vendor, Format, or Markets. You can also select to color map pins by Audience if your map contains RFP data and the RFP has TAB columns added.

The Google Street View image that appears in the information pop-up box after clicking on a client or vendor location icon on the map is now hidden by default for client or vendor location lists.  The image can be displayed by selecting the Image field under the Client or Vendor Lists tab.

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