DOmedia Seller Release Notes 8/31/16

Overview of Changes:
Sellers now have the ability to issue a contract with a message.  This can be done from the Message text box that appears within the Issue Contract pop-up box after clicking Issue for a contract.

Under the Display tab, a new setting exists, called Marker Color.  This allows users to breakout map pin colors by Format or Markets.

Now when responding to a RFP, you can add assets for your proposed units, as well as, add images for that inventory.
Watch this in action here!

Now when creating a proposal, you can create assets for your inventory, as well as, add images for those units.
Watch this in action here!

The Google Street View image that appears in the information pop-up box after clicking on a client location icon on the map is now hidden by default for client location lists.  The image can be displayed by selecting the Image field under the Client Lists tab.

You can now create offers and mark them as only viewable by approved buyers in DOmedia.  This will make sure that the offer is not publicly available.

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