Buyer: How do I add a vendor that is not in the system to a RFP?

If a vendor you need to RFP is not in the system, you have the ability to add them on the fly!  Watch this in action here!

Start by creating an RFP. To do so, hover over the 'Search' tab and click the 'Search Assets' tab in the drop-down.

Once you conduct a search, click the checkbox to the left of the assets you would like to include in the RFP. From there you can add the selected assets to a new RFP by clicking the 'RFP' button at the top of the grid.

After completing steps 1 and 2 while creating the RFP, Step 3: Recipient List is where you can add a Media Seller that is not in the DOmedia system.

By clicking the 'Add a Media Seller' button, a new window will pop up and this is where you will add the Media Seller's information.

Once you have entered all of the details, you can click 'Add Media Seller' to get them created in the system.  You will then be able to select and add them as a recipient on the RFP.  They will receive an email notification requesting they claim their new account.

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