Seller: How do I issue a proposal?

There are two ways to issue a proposal.

For the first option, navigate to the Manage Proposals dashboard by hovering over the Proposal tab and clicking on 'Proposal Management' in the drop-down tab.

From there, you can view a drafted proposal by clicking 'View'.

The View Proposal page will show the outlined proposal. In the top right-hand corner, click 'Issue Proposal'.

Another option is to click on 'Proposal Management' on the drop-down tab under 'Proposal' in the white navigation bar.

Navigate to the proposal you would like to issue. Click 'Issue' in the right-hand corner of the table.

Issue to Client - This will issue your proposal through the system and will send an email notification to the client.

  • Enter the client's email address.
  • Click on the blue plus sign to add another email address for the client.
  • Click 'Issue'.

Issued Outside System - You can send the proposal through your own email to a client.
  • Select the 'Issued Outside System' button.
  • Copy and paste the URL. You will need to send it to the client in order for them to access the proposal.
  • Pro tip - You can insert the link into your email as a Hyperlink so that it doesn’t take up excess space in your email.
  • Click 'Issue' - This will help you keep track of the proposal that you have sent to a client, even though you did it via your email account.

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