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What are product profiles?
How are product profiles created?
How do I edit a product profile?

What are product profiles?
Product Profiles offer agencies and advertisers an "overview" or summary of media opportunities at a category and subcategory level. This will streamline search results and make it easier for users to find media that fits their needs. Search results will now return only Product Profiles. When a user "clicks" on one, they will be able to view this summary level of information. Individual locations or assets are associated with, or "rolled-up" under Product Profiles that correspond to each of your category/subcategory combinations.


Example: if you have 12 locations in your Digital Signage Network (category) in Doctors Offices (subcategory), each location will have its own Asset Detail Profile, all summarized under one Product Profile that describes the entire network.

How are product profiles created?
When the first Asset Detail Profile in a category and subcategory is created, the DOmedia system will automatically generate a Product Profile, pulling information directly from that Asset Detail Profile.  Future Asset Detail Profiles in the same category and subcategory will automatically be added under that Product Profile.

How can I view my product profiles?
Login to your DOmedia account and from the homepage hover over 'Media Profiles' in the white navigation bar and select 'Product Profiles'.

Here you will find all of your Product Profiles. DOmedia strongly recommends you do this to ensure all information is accurate and up-to-date

For more information on how to edit a Product Profile click here.

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