Seller: What is a proposal package? How do I create one from my inventory or through Package Management?

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What are proposal packages?
How do I create a proposal package?

What are proposal packages?
A proposal package is two or more pieces of saved inventory and can be added to a proposal during Create Proposal Step 1: General Information.

How do I create a proposal package?
There are two ways to create a proposal package: From 'Inventory' or manually through 'Package Management'.

From Home: Hover over 'Media Profiles' in the white navigation bar and click 'Inventory Management' from the drop-down menu.

Under 'Display Inventory By', you can search/browse the different types of media you have available, based on the following options: All, Category, DMA, County, Vendor Inventory # or Keyword.

Once you have selected a display option, click 'Browse/Search Inventory'.

Your inventory will appear below based on whichever display option you choose.

Select the pieces of inventory to add to a package by checking the box next to the Vendor Inventory # on the far left-hand side. When a piece of inventory is selected, a blue check mark will appear.

Click 'Add to Package'.

A window will appear with two options: Create New Package or Add to Existing Package. Click 'Create New Package'.

Fill out the required information and click 'Save'. 

Manually through 'Package Management': Hover over 'Proposal' in the white navigation bar at the top of the page and click on 'Package Management' in the drop-down menu.

Click 'Create'.

Name your package and add a description if desired.  Enter your Vendor Inventory #s or Geopath ID #s. Click 'Save' when finished.


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