Seller: How can I optimize my media seller account?

To start, hover over the Media Profiles tab on the DOmedia homepage and click 'Inventory Management' in the drop-down tab.

1.  Make sure your inventory listed in your DOmedia account is up-to-date.  This includes providing current impressions, audience profiles, etc.  Once you update your inventory, you should periodically check to make sure you maintain your inventory's accuracy.

 Name your product profiles in a way that will attract the attention of buyers.  For example, if you perform a search as a buyer for 'Clings / Decals' in Chicago, IL.  A product profile named 'Floor Decal Marketing' would be low in the list of results compared to other media sellers who have products in that product category.

However, if the name was more specific and better described the product, like 'Floor Decals - Nationwide Network', it would be higher in the list, because the name tells the buyer more about the product you are offering.  Using this method to name your product profiles will make them more likely to capture an expert media buyers attention. 
3.  Enter a quality product description for all of your product profiles and add images.  The more information and images you can provide means more buyers viewing those product profiles.

4.  In addition, you may notice gold badges next to some of the products shown in the Search Results grid.  This badge denotes a Premium Profile.  To attain a Premium Profile, a company pays a monthly fee to receive help from our OOH Support team in keeping their inventory up-to-date and to ensure that their products appear at the top of Search Results.  If this is something you are interested in, please feel free to reach out to our OOH Support team at 866-939-3663 press 2 and inquire about obtaining a Premium Profile!


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