Seller: How do I manage my clients (Proposal Client Management)?

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What is Proposal Client Management?
How do I access Proposal Client Management?

Proposal Client Management Functions​

What is Proposal Client Management?
Proposal Client Management is DOmedia's interface for maintaining a vendor's portfolio of clients by creating, updating, and storing client information.  This interface reduces the amount of work in regards to creating proposals by allowing sellers to select a client in order to automatically fill fields relevant to that specific client, instead of having to repeatedly enter those details. 

How do I access Proposal Client Management?
Visit DOmedia's homepage, hover over 'Proposal' and click 'Client Management'.

The Proposal Client Management interface allows you to:
You can navigate through the different functions in the Manage Clients Dashboard.

View Enabled and Disabled Clients - The default view displays enabled clients.  The Disabled view allows you to see clients that are no longer active in the system. 

Show entries You have the ability to increase or decrease the number of clients that are displayed on one page by using the entries drop-down menu. You can chose to see 10, 25, 50, or 100 entries.

Export to CSV - You can export a CSV file containing the list of clients.

Create - Create a new client in the system

Import from RFP history - Add clients from your previous RFPs

Search - Quickly find clients by searching for part or all of their name

Sort - Click on the column headers to sort them in ascending or descending order to quickly find the client you are looking for.

Update -
Edit an existing client's stored information

Disable - Disable a client you are no longer working with to mark them as inactive in the system and to keep a record of their information.  Any client that has been disabled will live in the Disabled view and can be re-enabled at any time. 


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