Seller: How do I use Campaign Management? How do I create a new campaign?

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What is Campaign Management?
When would I use Campaign Management?
How do I use Campaign Management?
How do I add a new campaign?

What is Campaign Management?

Campaign management is an area where you will be able to build and manage the campaigns your client is working on.

When would I use Campaign Management?
You would use Campaign Management any time that you initiate a new campaign or when you'd like to view existing campaigns.

How do I use Campaign Management?
Hover over 'Proposal' in the white navigation bar across the top of the page and click 'Campaign Management' in the drop-down menu.

From your Manage Campaigns page, you have several actions you can take:

View - Choose a view (All, Active, In Progress, Completed, and Archived) to filter through your campaigns.

Export to CSV - Download a CSV file that contains all of the campaign details shown in the table on the Manage Campaigns page.

Create - Enter details related to a campaign you are working on.  See below for more information on creating a new campaign.

Search - Enter keywords into the Search box to find a specific campaign.

Sort - Click on the header of any column to sort the information in order to make it easier to locate the campaign you are looking for.

View - View all of the details tied to a specific campaign.

Update - Make changes to any of the fields included in a campaign.

Archive - Archiving a campaign will remove it from any of the 'active' views and will store it under the Archived view.  Campaigns can be unarchived as well.

How do I add a new campaign?
After clicking Create, fill out the fields as best you can (required fields are marked by red asterisks).  

Name - This can be anything, but you want it to be specific, so that you can find it in a list of other campaigns that may be named similarly.  Ex. DOmedia Fall 2016

Start Date and End Date - Enter the dates of the campaign when media will be run.

Budget - Enter the budget for the entire campaign.

 - Choose the related client for this campaign.

Once you have entered all of the campaign details, click 'Save'.

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