Why do my downloaded CSV files keep opening in Notepad instead of Excel?

You may notice that sometimes when you download certain items from DOmedia, such as reports, your computer is automatically opening the files in Notepad or another text-editing program, which leaves the data jumbled.  If you are experiencing this, you are most likely using a Windows operating system and are trying to download a .CSV file.

CSV files are text documents.  However, they are much easier to work with in Excel.  Because of this, it may be in your best interest to change one of your computer setting to ensure that CSV files are always opened in Excel automatically.  To do so, please follow the steps listed below.

Click on the 'Start' button in the bottom lefthand corner of your screen, and then click 'Default Programs' from the list.

Next, click 'Associate a file type or protocol with a program'.

Now you can scroll through the list of file types and select the CSV option.  

Then, click on the 'Change program' button on the right side of the window above the table.


Finally, you can select Microsoft Excel under the 'Recommended Programs' section, make sure the 'Always use the selected program to open this kind of file' box is checked, and then click 'OK'.

Now any CSV file you download on this computer will automatically open in Microsoft Excel.

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