Buyer: How do I create an RFP template?

Buyers have the ability to create new templates that once created they can select to include for RFPs. Templates can be created from the RFP Template Management page.

Start by clicking on 'My Account' on the white navigation bar at the top of DOmedia's homepage.

From the My Account Page, click 'Template Management' under the RFP section.

Once you have navigated to that page, click 'Create New RFP Template'.

On the Create RFP Template page you will see the following:
  • Template Name - Use this field to give your template a unique name.
  • Client - Associate the template to a specific client or make it available to all clients using the drop-down menu.  If you associate the template with a specific client, the template can only be selected for an RFP when a project brief is being created for that client.
  • Template Columns - Choose which of the standard column headers you'd like to include for the RFP and what order you would like them displayed.
  • Available Optional Template Columns - Review and if desired, add columns from a list of additional standard column headers.
    Note:  If you are a Geopath member, some additional fields (Geopath Impressions, TRP, Reach, Frequency, and CPM) are available to be added as columns in your template. When these columns are added in a template, all of the calculations will be performed and displayed in the grid for each Geopath audience selected on the project brief.
  • Available actions include:‚Äč
    • To add and remove columns use the arrow icons shown next to the headers and pictured in the screenshot below.
    • Note: Some of the standard column headers cannot be removed from the template.  These will not have an arrow icon next to them.
    • To reorder the columns, simply drag and drop them to achieve your desired order.
    • To add a custom column header to the template, click on the 'Add Header' button.
    • You also have the ability to designate whether or not your custom column headers should be visible to vendors.
    • The trash can icon is available next to any custom column header, in case you would like to delete it entirely from the template.

Once a template is created, it can be selected for an RFP at the bottom of Step 1 of creating a project brief. This template will accompany your RFP.

For information about creating a project brief (RFP), click here!

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