Buyer: How do I find information about a vendor's product?

You can find additional planning information such as media vendor contact information, images, product descriptions, locations, audience information, pricing / terms, venues, media kits, support files, and art / production specs from a search. 

Start by hovering over the Search tab on the homepage of DOmedia and click 'Search Assets' in the drop-down tab.

From there, search for specific assets based on Geographic Search (U.S. State(s), MSA(s), CBSA(s), Counties, ZIP Code(s), Proximity: Latitude(s) and Longitude(s), and Proximity: Specific Street Address), Advertising Category, Managed Media & Technology Services, Venues, Sort Order, Target Audiences, and Industry Affiliations.

Once on the Search Results page, click the Product of the desired asset profile line. 

From the Product Profile page, scroll down to find relevant planning information.


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