Buyer: How do I create and manage my clients (Client Management)?

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What is Client Management?
How do I access Client Management
Client Management Functions
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What is Client Management?
Client Management is DOmedia's interface for maintaining an agency's portfolio of clients by creating, updating, and storing client information.  This interface reduces the amount of work in regards to creating RFPs, contracts, etc. by allowing users to select a client in order to automatically fill fields relevant to that specific client, instead of having to repeatedly enter those details on each form. 

How do I access Client Management?
For a walk through on managing your clients, click here!

To access client management, visit DOmedia's homepage and click on 'My Account' in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

From the My Account section, click 'Client Management'.

The Client Management interface allows you to:
Create New Client - create a new client in the system
For a walk through on creating a new client, click here!

View Disabled Clients - view clients that are no longer active in the system

When creating a new client, you will be able to:
-Enter the appropriate client name
-Designate a Client Code (if needed to associate the client with your external billing system)
-View the rate of the technology service fee (TSF) for that particular client (rate can be changed by contacting your account manager at DOmedia)
-Select a Default Source Code (if needed for billing purposes)
-Designate a Default Agency Code (if needed for billing purposes)
-Associate brand(s) and the brand related product codes with the client (if needed for billing purposes)
-Select users who are authorized to view the client in the system
-Select contacts who should be notified about traffic posting instructions (PI) associated with the client
-Select a user as a supervisor if there is a user who should receive all email notifications in relation with the client account

Note: All fields with a red asterisk (*) must be completed to save the client.

The Client Management interface also allows you to:

View - view general information, brands, and related codes for billing purposes for the client

Edit - edit an existing client's stored information

Disable - you can disable a client you are no longer working with to mark them as inactive in the system and to keep a record of their information.  Any client that has been disabled will live in the Disabled Clients view and can be re-enabled at any time. 

Divisions - you can create new Divisions within the Client Management Dashboard. Divisions are used to add another layer of hierarchy between a client and a brand. With Divisions, users have the option to add new divisions, name them, and select which brands belong in that division.


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