Buyer: Geopath Plan Management

What is Geopath Plan Management?
Geopath Plan Management is DOmedia's interface for running Impression, Reach/Frequency, TRP, and GRP calculations based on a set of TAB audited pieces of inventory.

How do I access Geopath Plan Management?
To access Geopath Plan Management, click the 'My Account' link in the white navigation bar across the top of any page in DOmedia.

From the My Account page, click 'Geopath Plan Management'.

How do I use Geopath Plan Management?
From the Geopath Plan Management page, there are several different actions you can take - all described below:

Create New Geopath Plan - allows you to create and store a new Geopath plan with a different set of
Geopath audited inventory. For more information about creating a new Geopath Plan, click here!

View Disabled Geopath Plans - allows you to access previous
Geopath Plans that have been disabled.

Search - allows you to search for a
Geopath Plan by keyword.

View - allows you to view a summary of the
Geopath Plan as well as Geopath Panel IDs, Total Impressions, TRPs, Reach, Frequency, and Total Population by market for individual pieces of Geopath inventory. For more information about viewing a Geopath Plan, click here!

Edit - allows you to edit your
Geopath Plan by changing the name of your Geopath plan, changing the client the Geopath plan is associated with, changing the Geopath audience demographic, number of weeks and geography for calculation, and adding or removing Geopath Panel IDs.

Disable - allows you to move existing
Geopath Plans from your active view to the disabled view for those Geopath plans that are no longer relevant.

Export - allows you to export your
Geopath plan to a .CSV file that can be opened in Excel.

Map - allows you to view the inventory in your
Geopath plan on a map. For more information about mapping a Geopath Plan, click here!

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