Buyer: How do I create a Geopath Plan?

From the navigation bar, click 'My Account'.

From the My Account page, click 'Geopath Plan Management'.

To create a new plan, click 'Create New Geopath Plan'.

On the Create Geopath Plan page, you must first name your plan and then you have the option to select a client to be associated with the plan.

Next, you must select at least one Geopath Audience Demographic, along with gender, a timeframe, and a geography.

Now you can either manually enter Geopath Panel IDs, or populate Geopath Panel IDs from a RFP.

Once you have made your selections and have Geopath Panel IDs populated, click Save.  After clicking Save, you will be directed back to Geopath Plan Management where you can locate your new plan and click View.  For more information about viewing a Geopath Plan, click here!

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