Buyer: How do I navigate within the Traffic Campaign Dashboard?

What is the Traffic Campaign Dashboard?
The Traffic Campaign Dashboard shows all created campaigns and allows you to view the contracts that roll up under each campaign.  When you view a traffic campaign, you can see the units in each contract, pull reports, create posting instructions, and more.  For more information on the actions you can take when viewing a traffic campaign, click here

How do I navigate within the Traffic Campaign Dashboard?
To access the Traffic Campaign Dashboard, hover your mouse over 'Contract' in the white navigation bar across the top of any page in DOmedia and click 'Traffic Campaign Dashboard'.

Once you've navigated to the Traffic Campaign Dashboard, there are several important features available to you.  Each of these features is described in more detail below. 

Views - Different views are available based on the different statuses that a campaign could be assigned.  By default, you'll see all campaigns in your Traffic Campaign Dashboard.

Entries Displayed - You have the ability to increase or decrease the number of campaigns that are displayed in your Traffic Campaign dashboard by using the entries drop-down menu. By default, you'll see 25 campaigns but can choose to see 10, 25, 50, or 100. 

Export to CSV - When this button is clicked, a spreadsheet of all of the details shown in the table for all of the traffic campaigns contained in that View are downloaded.

Search - Use this tool to search within the listed traffic campaigns to locate the campaign you need to work on in a shorter amount of time than manually searching through the campaigns.

Sort - The listed traffic campaigns can be sorted ascending or descending by clicking on any of the column headers (except Action).

Draft Production Counts - The 'Draft Production Counts' button allows users to view campaign details for that respective campaign and take additional actions like creating posting instructions.  For more information on the Campaign page, please click here.

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